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Sourcing Suppliers for Custom Application Development

Application development covers a diverse range of product types and differing requirements. Our objective is always to source suppliers that offer best Value for money and commitment to completing project requirements within budget, using the latest technology.

Example- Mid Size Application Development.

You require a bespoke product for measuring KPI’s and projecting future returns based on data input on a daily basis. in some cases clients will be able to access certain area of the product. The project is to built over 2 phases, with the second phase incorporating mobile access and extra features

Project Budget Phase 1 ~£35k

Estimated Project Analysis Allocation – 9 days

  • Requirements Gathering – 1.5 Days
  • Wireframing and Specification Writing – 2 Days
  • Pricing Estimates – 0.5 Days
  • Supplier Sourcing and Interviews – 2.5 Days
  • Proposal Analysis – 1 Day
  • UAT and Sanity Checking – 1.5 Day


Project Budget Phase 2 ~£10k

Estimated Project Analysis Allocation – 2 days

  • Review of current implementation and Requirements Gathering – 1 Days
  • Wireframing and Specification Writing – 1 Day


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