Benefits of Using a BA Consultancy for Clients

Outsource Business Analysis for Project Success

Our core objectives at Project Analysis are to keep your budget on track and ensure you are sourcing the best suppliers at the best prices. Value for Money is our mantra and we will make sure your overall project costs will reduce and the quality of deliverables will be increase.

Throughout the website you will be able to see examples of the type of work we undertake and the estimated cost saving to your organisation.

Project Analysis can step in as and when required on your projects, with a time estimate delivered after initial workshops.  You can ramp up or down the time required at any time in the project. Professional IT Business Analyst services a fraction of the cost of the other options.

Avoid being overcharged by suppliers for technical projects

Technical delivery companies will often take advantage of non-technical decision makers to inflate the cost of delivery or make cost cutting choices.

Harness our development experience to ensure project components are priced according to market rates, availability and cost of development.

Find the best suppliers for your project requirements

As well as sourcing and interviewing candidates we can analyse previous implementations of your business requirements for quality and ability to refactor leading to lower overall project cost.

Once the proposals come in we can work with your team analysing the content and scoring the candidates as well as constructing further technical questions.

Outline your requirements in a way suppliers will understand

Harness fully qualified Technical Business Analysts and Information Architects to do an initial round of workshops and create your project briefs.

The clearer you make your requirements to suppliers the more accurate the estimates and methods of approach are. Let us work with you to shape your initial project documentation.

UAT and Quality Assurance – make sure you get what you pay for

We can assist in Quality Assurance, auditing and User Acceptance Testing against suppliers technical specifications to ensure you are signing off fully completed work. Bespoke test cases/regression test scripts can also be provided for your teams.

Total guaranteed impartiality and non-disclosure agreement

We are not tied to any suppliers and when sourcing development companies always remain impartial – selecting a number of options based solely on experience and ability.

We work alongside you as an extension of your organisation and adhere to any non-disclosure agreements you have in place.

Recommended services for Clients

  • Supplier Procurement – Finding the best supplier to deliver your project on time and budget
  • Proposal Analysis – Reviewing supplier proposals from a technical and pragmatic perspective to shortlist best candidates
  • Pricing Estimates – Setting realistic expectations for project value based on current market rates and supplier experience
  • Wireframes – Creating initial visual designs of solution so the requirements are well understood at the outset
  • Brief Writing – Detailed requirements gathering and brief writing upfront to ensure suppliers can price accurately
  • Market Research – Any required technology research
  • Milestone Reviews – Acting as Product Owner, measuring work done against specifications along the development timeline
  • QA/UAT – Assisting performing User Acceptance Testing against the test scripts

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your existing or forthcoming projects.

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