Requirements Analysis and Project Scoping

Detailing your technical requirements and Project Scope

For Clients

Clear and well defined briefs are key to accurate pricing and capability selection. Once your project vision and business objectives have been defined our Business Analysts can assist you in detailing your requirements scope both from technical and usability perspectives for inclusion in your supplier brief.

For Agencies/IT Consultants

If you are an agency or IT consultancy with an existing client, you can select areas of work to form part of the requirements gathering exercise.

Example for PA

Optional services for requirements gathering we offer, dependent on the project nature are:

  • Stakeholder Interviews – Running workshops to detail requirements identify best solutions to meet business objectives
  • Process flow design – Technical diagrams required for development
  • Swim lane design – Any required swim lane diagrams to visualise the solution
  • Data structures and integration mapping – Mapping representations for system integration points
  • User persona creation – Creating profiles to better understand how to optimise layouts for best conversions
  • User type interviews and workshops – Meeting end users to get insights into behaviour and expectations
  • Usability analysis – Checking layout against user types profiles and ease of use
  • Non-functional requirements – Identifying system restraints and business logic
  • Decomposition of user actions – Breaking down user actions
  • User journeys – Full mapping of multiple user journey expectations and User Requirements
  • Site taxonomies – Site map structure detailed with careful consideration for usability and SEO best practice if relevant
  • Technology preferences and recommendations – Setting benchmarks for hardware and software platforms the the solution should adhere to
  • Competitor analysis – Looking at competitor implementation and rankings with reports detailing how they can be improved upon
  • Workflows – Detailing of any administration levels and actions that should form part of the build
  • Language usage – Analysis of terms used, clarity in calls to action and any multi-lingual areas required

The nature of requirements gathering is very much dependent on the project type and the above examples are very broad. If you would like to discuss requirements gathering or any of our other services please contact us and let us help you bring your project to life.


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