Specification and Use Case Documents

For Agencies/IT Consultants

For agencies and IT consultants, if you have existing clients we can perform the more detailed specification/use case documentation requirements analysis and support your development team in the implementation. Please refer to Requirements Analysis and Scoping Section for some of the services we offer,

For Clients

Along with your project brief – which gives suppliers and overview of your vision, objectives and history – the most important document to have ready for vendors to review is  an initial specification document.attach_document

The specification details to a fine grain level what you are looking to achieve in your project from technical perspective covering software, hardware and design/usability.

Other elements that can make up a specification document are system scalability, licensing, support and testing required.

Key benefits of having a specification document written:

  • Reduction of overheads from vendors writing assumptive specifications
  • More details initially enable more accurate pricing
  • Suppliers perception that your organisation is thorough and technically minded and are less therefore likely to take advantage through either high pricing or inferior technical approaches
  • Quicker supplier bidding response or dropout based on scale and technical details

After we have analysed your requirements Project Analysis can:

  • Perform groundwork for best solution options
  • Look at current market for median pricing both for the solution type and ancillary services such as hosting, testing and support
  • Draft specification documents
  • Create price point and range for suppliers to fit into

If you are looking to outsource any of your documentation, please contact us to see how we can help.


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