Systems Integration

Business Analysis for Systems Integration

Following from application development, integrating existing systems or building new systems with a view to integrating and existing solution can be one of the most difficult areas to cost and has a lot of dependencies:

  • Do the systems have the existing capability to integrate and if so through which methods?
  • Are the solution vendors open to integration and communication regularly?
  • Have your suppliers integrated similar or same solutions?
  • What are the long term risks of integration?

Example – Booking System

As an example you are looking to integrate a sophisticated booking system and invoicing system into your website and are looking for suppliers to integrate and support. You may also require an intial risk assessment.

Project Budget ~£20k

Estimated Project Analysis Allocation – 5.5 days 

  • Requirements Gathering – 0.5 Days
  • Supplier Sourcing and Research – 2.5 Days
  • Specification Writing and Risk Assessment – 2 Days
  • Pricing Estimates including licensing requirements – 0.5 Days


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