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Improving your web presence with Website Analysis Reports

Analytics Report IconWe have an extensive history in development and SEO practices so as an extra or standalone service for clients or agencies, Project Analysis can produce a number of website analysis reports for existing or new web builds as well as insight and advice for improvements.

The reports cover a whole range of features from amount and quality of backlinks to areas that require optimisation as well as setting up and measuring conversions.


Page Speed Insights

We can offer a summary of the key areas of improvement for website pages based on their loading speed time that will increase search engine ranking. With more and more people using mobile devices as their primary device, website loading times have become a key ranking factor for organic SEO.

Google Analytics

We can look at user behaviour, breakdown points and add/modify conversions. There is also the option to upgrade Google Analytics to tie it in with Webmaster tools to provide more sophisticated insights into user types and actions. Our report with demonstrate all areas for improvement identified through Google Analytics.

Broken Links Crawler

We will run a scan of your website to look for any broken links whether they are pages, images or documents. This detailed report will output all areas that may be causing usability issues as well as search engine spidering issues. A lot of the time broken areas go undefined for long periods of time, causing unseen rankings drops.

SEO Mark-up

This is a report on the structure of the website and how administration is managing the keywords within that structure. The report will contain examples of correct an incorrect use of URL’s, Page Titles, H1, H2 tags, images and external links. This is knowledge is key for good search engine rankings.

Backlinks Volume and Quality

We will identify all backlinks to the main website, their quality score and how this is affecting your website performance. Another output of this report is a list of bad backlinks to “disinfect” and instructions or assistance in doing this.

Rankings Checker

If you have a list of up to 100 of your keywords, we can report once of or on a monthly basis on the position of these keywords on the major search engine of your choice.

Tying this together with the SEO mark-up report, you or your client can get a huge insight into how to improve your ranking for desired keywords. Optional extras here include competitor analysis and detailing recommended keywords.

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