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Website development comes in many shapes and forms from basic brochure websites to fully functional bespoke international systems with multiple integration points, personalisation and marketing tools baked into them.

From our experience working on the design and development of some of the biggest websites in the world, the Project Analysis team can guide you through the world of website projects. You will be fully armed with detailed requirement specifications when going out to tender and supported throughout the delivery process.

Below are some examples of various website project sizes, the cost of employing our analysis team and the potential saving. All projects are so different so the below scenarios are for illustration only.

Example – Basic Brochure website with calls to action.

You may be looking to introduce your product to market with a simple 10 page website with multiple calls to actions, a small CRM database and some administration/editor workflows. You are looking to use an open source (free) platform.

Project Budget ~£15k

Estimated Project Analysis Allocation – 5 days

  • Requirements Gathering – 1 Day
  • Wireframing and Specification Writing – 2 Days
  • Supplier Sourcing – 1 Days
  • UAT and Sanity Checking – 1 Day


Example – Mid Range Website

You are looking for a large website of around 50 pages with some multi-lingual capabilities, the system will have multiple calls to action and track conversions. Other functionality will include login area for clients and downloadable artifacts as well as being responsive design the system will have sophisticated bespoke search features for your products and services.

Project Budget ~£45k

Estimated Project Analysis Allocation – 10 days 

  • Requirements Gathering – 1.5 Days
  • Wireframing and Specification Writing – 3 Days
  • Pricing Estimates – 0.5 Days
  • Supplier Sourcing and Interviews – 2.5 Days
  • Proposal Analysis – 1 Day
  • UAT and Sanity Checking – 1.5 Day

The above examples are indicative, please send us your project outline and we will be happy to provide a no obligation quotation.



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